Appoint NZSA to vote on your behalf

Appoint NZSA as your Standing Proxy and make your vote count – every time!

The NZSA Standing Proxy service allows NZSA to cast your vote at the companies we cover.  That means that your right to vote as a a shareholder is always exercised.  You don’t even need to be a member of NZSA!

Voting in the best interests of retail investors


NZSA will vote on your behalf.  The way we vote is contained in our ‘Company Assessment Reports’.

Don’t like the way way we vote?  Simply override us by voting yourself at the company meeting.


NZSA assesses each company against a range of criteria (based on our policies).

In nearly all cases, we discuss issues and concerns for retail investors with the company.


No more forgetting meetings!  NZSA attends meetings and votes on your behalf.


NZSA doesn’t hold your shareholding data – that remains with the share registry.  Your data remains private!

Setting up your proxy

It’s easy!  Just complete the forms below then e-mail or post to the respective share registry.  Unfortunately, there is no direct online method available.

Please fill in all information requested on each form. However, if you want to give NZSA a proxy for ALL your holdings, you only need to tick the “EITHER” box as shown below. You do not have to list each holding.

If you only want to give a proxy for SOME holdings, enter each by name where indicated on each form. If more space is needed, add a separate sheet and sign it also. Please take care to enter the company with the correct registry.

Note that there are separate forms for Australia and New Zealand. This ensures that NZSA is able to maintain the standing proxy service for those companies who have Australia as their primary registry. This also allows the potential for NZSA representation at ASX-listed companies.


Email completed form to



Email completed form to



Computershare Australia has no facility to accept e-mailed forms. Completed forms can be faxed (!) to +61 3 9473-2555 or alternatively posted to:
Computershare Invrestor Services Pty Limited
GPO Box 242
Victoria 3001


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an NZSA member?

No. You don’t need to be a member to sign up for the Standing Proxy, although we always welcome new members (Join here)

Will I still receive materials from the company for the company meeting?

Yes, including the proxy form.  You can ignore the proxy form if you have appointed NZSA as your proxy.

Do I have to appoint NZSA for all my holdings?

No. You can choose to give us a proxy either for some or all of your holdings.  We cover all NZX companies and some USX companies – where the standing proxy does not apply, we will let you know.

Can my Trust or Partnership appoint NZSA as a Standing Proxy?

Yes.  For Trusts we recommend you pass a resolution agreed by all trustees.

If my shares are held in custody, can I appoint NZSA as a proxy?

No (at least not easily).  It may be best to discuss this with your investment manager or broker.

As the beneficial owner of the shares, you have voting rights. But the manager’s custodial service is the legal owner, so can exercise your vote in the absence of any instruction to the contrary.

In reality, managed shares are rarely voted, which means your voice is not being heard.

What if I buy a new share?

If you have completed the form to cover your total portfolio, any new shares you buy will automatically be added.  Otherwise, you will need to fillin a new form each time you buy new shares.

Can I give NZSA a Standing Proxy for overseas holdings?

No. Our service only applies to companies listed on the local NZX or USX exchange.  We are looking to expand the service to NZ companies listed on the ASX in future.

If I change my mind later, can I opt out?

Yes. Simply email or write to each registry advising you want to remove your Standing Proxy. You must include your name and CSN in any correspondence.