Life Members

NZSA life members are people who, in the opinion of the NZSA Board, have made a unique and outstanding contribution to the NZSA

Chris Curlett
Awarded 2022

Chris is officially the second member of NZSA, working with other founding members back in 2001. He has worked tirelessly for many years to maintain the ‘operational backbone’ of the Association, focusing on finances, membership and the NZSA website – and even Scrip Editor at one point. In short – he’s done it all!

Bruce Parkes
Awarded 2022

Bruce joined NZSA in 2010, operating at one stage as Scrip editor and a regular contributor to NZSA content. But his major contribution has been in supporting our proxy service since its inception. Bruce rose to the challenge as the service expanded – representing NZSA and its proxies in nearly 40% of all shareholder meetings in recent years.

John Hawkins
Awarded 2020

John was Chair of NZSA between 2010-2019.  He was instrumental in extending the scope of work performed by NZSA and facilitating sustaining relationships with NZ’s corporate community.

Alan Best
Awarded 2018

Alan has been a member of NZSA since 2001.  He was instrumental in maintaining core elements of NZSA, including as editor of the Scrip for many years.  He continues to support NZSA in attending company ASM’s.

Malcolm Dunphy
Awarded 2017

Malcolm was a founding member and first chairman of the Tauranga Branch. He remained chairman for several years until he moved to Auckland.  He was a strong advocate for retail shareholders, and always brought his sharp legal mind to address shareholder issues.

Oliver Saint
Awarded 2016

Oliver was one of the origonal membes of NZSA in 2001.  He was active in spearheading company research efforts and attending company meetings to question directors (prior to the development of our current proxy service).

Bruce Sheppard
Awarded 2010

Bruce is the founder of NZSA.  He was constantly active in holding companies to account, and was instrumental in NZSA gaining grudging respect from corporates in promoting effective governance.  The initial ethos of NZSA as an ‘activist’ investor group stemmed from his ability to gather media attention around corporate transitions.