Brian Gaynor

Brian Gaynor

2020 Beacon Award

NZSA has pleasure in awarding this year’s Beacon Award to Brian Gaynor.  He has long remained at the forefront of our mind as he continues to provide clarity for retail investors from the fog of complexity that can surround the business world.  His quality of thought and communciation continues to act as a Beacon for many investors.

Brian is one of New Zealand’s most experienced and well known investment analysts. His distinguished career includes roles as a Partner and Head of Research at stockbrokers Jarden & Co, a member of the New Zealand Stock Exchange, Chairman of the New Zealand Society of Investment Analysts and Chairman of the Asian Securities Analysts Council. Brian was one of the founders of Milford Asset Management which was formed in 2003 and now has over $8 billion of funds under management.

Brian is an independent investment analyst and business media columnist, and is a respected and knowledgeable financial speaker.

Brian has been a notable character in New Zealand’s capital markets since starting his business and is famous for standing up at company meetings to ask the hard questions.  He has demonstrated that he is unafraid when it comes to “rocking the boat” of investment institutions – despite being part of that group.

He has demonstrated a deep desire to see companies and institutions “do the right thing” rather than “chase the highest bonus”.  Brian’s talent for research and analysis is legendary, from both digital and a physical library. He also has a prodigious memory for people and events.

All of that means a significant overlap with the interests of NZSA in holding organisations to account.