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Advocacy: Minority Investors Voting Regime

Advocacy for the introduction of a minority interests regime into New Zealand’s listed environment has been a feature of NZSA’s work over the last two years, including submissions to NZX Limited. Why does NZSA advocate for a minority interests regime? What does NZSA mean by a minority interest regime? What are the benefits of a…
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NZSA reaches out to PGG Wrightson Shareholders

Date Released:  March 8th 2024 Tap/Click here to download pdf version The NZ Shareholders’ Association (“NZSA”) has sent a letter to PGG Wrightson (“PGW”) shareholders earlier this afternoon, setting out its concerns with the recent proposals made by Agria (Singapore) Pte Limited (“Agria”). “NZSA believes that the current situation at PGG Wrightson represents one of…
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NZSA reaches agreement with David Sena to support minority shareholder interests as part of transaction between major shareholders at 2 Cheap Cars

Date Released:  Sep 11th 2023 Tap/Click here to download pdf version The New Zealand Shareholders’ Association (NZSA) has come to agreement with David Sena to include provisions that protect the interests of minority shareholders as part of his purchase of shares from Eugene Williams representing approximately 30% of 2 Cheap Cars’ shares. If approved by…
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