Purchase Company Assessment Reports

Company Assessment Reports (CARs) offer concise, thorough assessments of listed companies’ policies and procedures against NZSA’s 20 policy documents. CARs provide investors with ‘traffic light’ ratings and summarised commentary around governance, audit and more!  Now available for a small fee, these short reports keep shareholders informed and provide voting intentions for Annual Shareholders’ Meetings (ASM) or Special Shareholders’ Meetings (SSM).

All reports are published in advance of most listed company’s ASM or SSM, so check in regularly for the latest CARs!

CARs (and much more) are FREE for NZSA members! You can join NZSA here, for access to more information, advocacy and a whole lot more.  Even without membership, you can give NZSA your proxy to vote your shares on your behalf – click/tap here for further details.