NZSA Share Game 2020

The rules of the game are pretty simple - you get $10,000 of virtual cash and you can use it to "buy" shares listed on the NZX. Each buy or sell will cost you $30 of your virtual cash for brokerage and the winner is the portfolio that is worth the most (cash plus value of shares) at 6pm on 31 March 2020. Net dividends will be credited to your virtual cash account on their payment date. There will be prizes for the winner and other notable performers along the way. You can do nothing and leave it all as cash, buy an index, trade like a maniac, or any strategy you like. There are no limits other than the amount of virtual cash you have left to play with and it will be fascinating to see which strategies work the best.

Registrations will be accepted up to 31 May. It can take a day or so from the time you register to your game link being emailed to you.

The NZSA Share Game 2020 is to be held

At, Online only, Wellington
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