Meeting Voting Policy

This is our Meeting Voting Policy, with effect from September 1, 2022.

This policy is referenced in our Constitution and should be available for members.



The aims of this Policy are to set out the processes by which a vote is carried out at an NZSA or NZSA Branch Annual or Special Meeting.

Policy Statement

  1. This Meeting Voting Policy applies to all NZSA member meetings where a vote is required, including (but not limited to) Branch Annual Meetings, the NZSA Annual General Meeting or any Special Meeting.

  2. Each membership account carries one vote, regardless of member type or the number of designated contacts.

  3. Voting may be carried out in-person, electronically or by any other method deemed fit and approved by the Meeting Chair and communicated to members.

  4. Votes must be ‘counted’.

  5. Members can appoint a proxy. Proxy assignments need to communicated to the Chair before the start of the meeting.


  1. This policy recognises that voting processes may change over a shorter time frame than that envisaged within the constitution, due to advances in technology or the development of alternative processes.