NZSA Sharegame

The NZSA 2021 Share Game

The 2021 Share Game started on 1 April 2021 – it is not too late to join the game

Those who have registered will have received their link to a personalised game home page today, where they can buy and sell shares using their ‘virtual’ $10,000.

This is what the personalised home page looks like:

To play the game you use the orange buttons across the bottom of this page.  You click these buttons to BUY, SELL, view your ORDER HISTORY, access SHARECLARITY RESEARCH, VIEW YOUR PORTFOLIO IN SHARESIGHT (you get a free Sharesight portfolio to use for the game!), and see where you sit on the LEADERBOARD.

Remember – IT’S NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE GAME –  it’s a great way to learn and to test or experiment with different approaches to investing.  Plus we are using the $10 entrance fee to fund a prize pool…so if your game efforts prove successful you will be rewarded! 

So if you haven’t yet signed up, JOIN THE GAME – REGISTER HERE