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NZSA Money Week Christchurch September 2015 = genral view, credit: NZSA (Robin Harrision) Joan Withers (R) receives the 2014 Beacon Award from John Hawkins (Chairman NZSA), credit: Bruce Parkes (NZSA) Left to right at Waikato May event- guest speaker Mike Pohio (imm past CEO Taunui Group Holdings) & committee members Chany Nandu and John Davies, credit: NZSA (John Davies) Link Market registry function with Julie Chadwick, Corporate Communications Manager at Comvita and  Barry Williamson, an Associate at Grant Thornton and John Hawkins NZSA, credit: ~ Its all about CrowdFunding.  JOIN THE NZSA TO SEE THE VIDIO ON THIS, credit: NZSA NZSA Directors (L-R) Lyn Lim, Chris Curlett and Gayatri Jaduram  at 2014 conference in Auckland, credit: NZSA (Pam Hurst) NZSA Christchurch 2015 Money Week - L-R = Max Smith (NZSA), Jillian Boyes (FMA), John Hawkings (NZSA c'man), credit: NZSA (Robin Harrision) NZSA Money Week 2015.  L-R Max Smith (NZSA), Martin Hawes (New member) and Chris Swasbrook (Elevation capita)l, credit: NZSA (Robin Harrision) Pyne Gould Corporation chairman Bryan Mogridge faced a barrage of  NZSA and Investor questions around auditing delays at the company's annual  meeting in Auckland, credit: Jason Oxenham


New Zealand Shareholders Association (NZSA) stands up for you and represents your interests as investors and shareholders. Join Now.

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