Appoint NZSA as your Standing Proxy and make your vote count – every time


The New Zealand Shareholders’ Association Inc. (NZSA) has created a Standing Proxy service, available to any shareholder, where you can appoint us to cast your undirected proxy vote. This puts an end to the frustration of having to repeatedly assign your proxy each time one of your stocks has an Annual or Special Meeting.

Your proxy vote gives you a strong voice when combined with others by NZSA.

Set it and Forget it

The Standing Proxy service is available to any shareholder. This includes shareholders who are not members of NZSA. Just set it up once and then forget it!

Once completed, you have appointed the NZSA to cast your vote for you at its discretion for each resolution and for each company in which you hold shares.

You also retain the right to cast your own vote whenever you wish, without notifying us. Your standing proxy will simply be over-ridden on those occasions. Our undertaking to you is that we will always vote in the best interests of retail investors.

The Advantages to You of a Standing Proxy

    • Ease. As the name implies, this is a standing arrangement. You won’t have to arrange a proxy every time - you avoid the hassle of completing and returning the proxy form in time or logging on to the share registry web site to complete the online proxy nomination process.


    • Certainty. Often shareholders votes go uncast – either because they don’t get around to appointing a proxy, or because they forget, or because notice of the meeting was sent to their accountant or another intermediary and was not sent on to them. A Standing Proxy avoids those risks.


    • Considered. Each proposal and resolution require careful thought. Often people don’t feel they know enough about the particular company to make an informed choice. This can be a problem even for institutional and large corporate shareholders, which is why many of them use expensive professional proxy advisers to recommend how to vote their shares. This is the service that NZSA is offering retail shareholders at no cost through the Standing Proxy service.


    • Informed. NZSA meets regularly with companies and publishes our voting intentions to our members. These summarise the Association’s views on each resolution. If you become an NZSA member, you can read these and have the opportunity to exercise your own vote should you disagree with our voting intention.


  • Integrity. The Standing Proxy service works in a way where the NZSA doesn’t hold any of your data or private information. Your permission to assign a standing proxy is held by the relevant Share Registry. So, you can be confident your privacy will be protected.


To join the service, you need to complete a “Standing Proxy Appointment” form for each relevant share registry. The process involves four easy steps shown in the diagram below. You should type your details onto each form, print it, sign it and either scan and email, or post it to the relevant registry. Contact details are on each form.
Note: There is no direct online method.

Standing Proxy Diagram

Both Computershare and Link Market Services have their own forms. Most investors will need to fill in both forms unless their holdings are all with one registry. For a list of which registry handles which company, click HERE.

You should fill in all information requested on each form. However, if you want to give NZSA a proxy for ALL your holdings, you only need to tick the "EITHER" box as shown below. You do not have to list each holding.


If you only want to give a proxy for SOME holdings, you must enter each by name where indicated on each form as shown below. If more space is needed, add a separate sheet and sign it also. You must be careful to ensure that you enter each company on the correct form as each company has only ONE registry.

Tick OR Box

As the share registries do not issue receipts, we suggest you make a follow-up phone call after a few weeks to confirm that your Standing Proxies are in place.


If you need it, we are here to help:


    1. Do I have to be an NZSA member?
      No. You don’t need to be a member to sign up for the Standing Proxy, although we always welcome new members. You can join, or get information on the full range of services we offer, at


    1. Do I have to appoint NZSA for all my holdings?
      No. You can choose to give us a proxy either for some or all of your holdings. NZSA covers 90 - 100 Annual Shareholder Meetings (ASMs) a year. The current list is available HERE. It includes all the larger companies and many of the smaller ones, especially where there are issues that need to be addressed.


    1. What if I want to attend the ASM myself or direct my vote?
      No problem. You can revoke the proxy for that ASM on the day by asking the Registry desk for a voting form. If you appoint a separate different proxy to vote in a particular way, or attend a meeting and vote in person, the standing proxy will be overridden that one time. The standing proxy will automatically continue to apply for future meetings.


    1. Will I still get the paperwork sent to me?
      Yes. You will still get the full Annual Shareholder Meeting (ASM) pack, which will include a proxy form. You can ignore this form if you have appointed NZSA as a standing proxy to vote on your behalf.


    1. Can my Trust or Partnership appoint NZSA as a Standing Proxy?
      Yes. For Trusts we recommend you pass a resolution agreed by all trustees. Trustee Standing Proxy Resolution template – click HERE.


    1. If my shares are managed for me, can I appoint NZSA as a Standing Proxy?
      Your shares can be voted by NZSA but you will need to call your investment manager or broker and ask them to help you get your holdings included in the NZSA Standing Proxy service. You may need to be firm with your request.
      As the beneficial owner of the shares, you have voting rights. But the manager’s custodial service is the legal owner so can exercise your vote in the absence of any instruction to the contrary. In reality, managed shares are rarely voted, which means your voice is not being heard.


    1. What if I buy a new share?
      The Standing Proxy appointment forms for both Computershare and Link Market Services provide two options:


        • EITHER full portfolio coverage, which is expressed as “EITHER all meetings under Common Shareholder Number (CSN)” and requires you to just tick the attached box. Under this option, any new shares will be added to your standing proxy automatically.

          Tick EITHER Box

      • OR partial coverage, which applies only to the holdings you nominate, and requires you to insert the names in the box provided. Under the "Insert" option, you will need to fill in a new form each time you buy shares which you want to include in your Standing Proxy.

        Tick OR Box


    1. What if NZSA don’t cover a meeting where I hold shares?
      To see the meetings NZSA will attend, click HERE. If the NZSA does not cover a meeting, your standing proxy will revert to the Chair of the meeting. You have the option of completing a directed proxy for that specific meeting by completing the form sent to you by the company concerned, or by attending and voting yourself.


    1. Can I give NZSA a Standing Proxy for overseas holdings?
      No. Our service only applies to companies listed on the local NZX exchange.


  1. If I change my mind later, can I opt out?
    Yes. Simply email or write to each registry advising you want to remove your Standing Proxy. You must include your name and CSN in any correspondence.


NZSA has worked closely with leading New Zealand corporate law firm Chapman Tripp to develop this service, and we are confident that it meets all legal requirements. As the Standing Proxy procedure evolves, we will keep you informed of any significant changes, by publishing them on our website. We welcome any feedback, observations and queries.

Make sure your voice is heard – appoint the NZSA as your Standing Proxy!