Policy Statements

For the benefit of listed companies and investors, the NZ Shareholders Association publishes the following as a Guide to our Policy on particular issues.

NZSA is currently undertaking a review of its policies as they apply to monitoring standards associated with listed companies.

Our policies have at their core the governance standards and listing rules associated with listed issuers on both the NZX and the ASX, and reflect ‘best practice’ based on international research and/or industry professional bodies.  Note that our policies are not a substitute for the exercise of critical judgement.

Please regard these policies as “in review” unless otherwise indicated.

A Framework for Reporting of CEO Remuneration in NZ Companies

Audit Independence

Audit Rotation

Board Composition

Criminal Matters before the Court

Director Tenure

Directors Fees 

Dividends and Imputation Credits

Employee Engagement/Whistle Blowing

Equitable Treatment of Shareholders in Capital Raising

Executive Remuneration

Golden Parachute Policy

Independent Directors

Independent Directors Share Ownership

Non Executive Directors

Political Donations

Remuneration Report

Shareholder Meetings


The Position of the Company Secretary