Where We Came From

Formed in 2001 to clean up poor board and company performance our contribution has made a significant difference to board governance process, attitudes to shareholders and risk taking. In the process we can point to the following achievements:

  • Developed an education programme from 2003 to help shareholders responsibly discharge the obligations of ownership, facilitating better capital allocation by owners, and better engagement by owners with directors.
  • From 2003 increased engagement levels with business through company visits which are rewarding to shareholders boards and management alike.
  • From 2006 increased the level of political and government advocacy on both shareholder and business matters to further expand the concept of partnership between owners that we see as core to a respectful relationship with business.
  • Developed a network of 5 Branches and a membership of over 1000 active investors who participate in regular information sharing meetings and company visits.
  • During 2007 partnered Universities and business in a developed research programme to deliver quality advocacy for our members and business.