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The objects of the NZSA confirm that Investor education is core business. NZSA is to “undertake Education activities, and work with other organisations in relation to investor education.” Regular branch meetings provide guest speakers who explain sharemarket investing, analyse past trends and advise investors on possible areas of interest for the future.

The Association promotes basic courses in “Investing for your future,” and “Sharemarket Basics,” as the best means of understanding how to begin a long-term savings and investment scheme as a retail investor. An early survey confirms the NZSA view that the free flow of question and answer in a seminar situation is the best way to build a knowledge base in this field.

The Seminar Courses:


Starting to invest? Confused? Wanting better options?

  • This course offers an overview.
  • The emphasis is on fixed interest and bonds, but also covers finance companies, property, shares, commodities etc.
  • Course assumes no prior investment knowledge.
  • Comprehensive 70+ page workbook supplied. Yours to keep.
  • An independent educational and informational course presented by the NZ Shareholders Association.
  • No sales pitches, just good advice.

For details about these courses please contact


Refreshing, updating or starting in the sharemarket?

  • This course is an introduction to the sharemarket and will give you the basic tools and information required to get started plus simple strategies to build a share portfolio.
  • Course assumes no prior shares knowledge
  • Comprehensive 80+ page work book. Yours to keep.
  • An independent, educational and informational course presented by the NZ Shareholders Association.
  • No sales pitches, just good advice

For details about these courses please contact

For the latest information on seminar courses in your area contact:

Auckland Jacquie Staley
Auckland John Hawkins
Auckland Stuart Gray
Bay of Plenty Jane Lyndon
South Island Robin Harrison
Taranaki Peter and Joan Coles
Waikato Marie Hutchinson
Wellington Martin Dowse

Introductory Investment Videos

These are introductory videos, publicly available on the websites of NZX, and The Commission for Financial Capability – Sorted. Along with the website for the Financial Markets Authority, these sources provide independent tools and advice for the investor.

For more in-depth education videos be a member of NZSA and use your members’ pages.

Membership of NZSA gives you access to the Member’s site which contains a selection of more advanced educational videos together with some questions by which you can test yourself on the main lessons to be learned from each.

Investors dictionary: The most comprehensive glossary of financial and sharemarket terms is Investopedia. Wikipedia is also useful because it includes examples with many of its definitions. To get to Investopedia click on the link below and then enter the term you want defined into the search engine.

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